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Shop local

With the holidays here, I want take a moment and reflect what it means to shop local. Small business is what makes our economies flourish.

However that being said, most of the time where do we all head? To the local big box store or mall.

Folks, it’s not what we buy but where we buy it. Every single dollar we spend is a dollar we voted with.

But I’m on a budget is something all artisans hear. Most artisans have different price point in their inventory. Most artisans will do something in your budget. Note I said most but not all can afford too. Let me tell you good art supplies are expensive and we can’t afford to give away our art so please consider that in your request.

While we are on the subject of shopping local, a lot of people slam Amazon, Etsy and online retailers. A good portion of artisans start out on Etsy and other platforms so pay attention to where the shops are located. Chances are there are local shops from your area on there.

Where to find local handmade goods?

Well Amazon , Facebook market place, local flea markets, local art districts, craft fairs and of course your own family/friends.

Shop small

Happy shopping

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