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Inspiring me: A Celebration of Women

A celebration of women

Since the pandemic hit and I for one need to see other things, I thought I would write about what inspires me

As an artist, the most unexpected things can inspire me to create art.

Since March is the month of celebration for women, I started researching woman artists. I learned of women renaissance painters, of women silenced by circumstance and women who started making art later in life. I learned that there have always been women artists who have been masters of their art.

I learned that women in the arts have never been taught about as they should and that the is a lot that to learn about.


So  I thought I would share a couple of my favorites.

I love ceramics. There is something that is so profoundly satisfying about creating functional works of art from the earth. One of my all-time favorite potters is  Maria Martinez who was famous for her black on black pottery Maria was a matriarch of a family of Native American Potters. She and her husband revived interest in Native American arts in the art world.  You can read about her work here and


Another woman that is not necessarily an artist but a clothing designer:  Nell Donnelly Reed,

Nell was known for her clothing which was not only pretty but practical.  Nell was local and lived in Kansas City Missouri. She was poor and started sewing clothing to make a living, She impacted Kansas city Missouri a great deal and was a woman ahead of her time. 

You can read about her here: Nell Donnelly Reed and


There are many women artists who have enriched our world and whose stories should be read and celebrated.

 Here are some resources to read and learn from :


Here is to all extraordinary women out there