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Inspiring me: A Celebration of Women

A celebration of women Since the pandemic hit and I for one need to see other things, I thought I would write about what inspires me As an artist, the most unexpected things can inspire me to create art. Since March is the month of celebration for women, I started researching woman artists. I learned […]

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Better late than never

Ya know what is sad? It’s sad that almost 8 weeks into the New Year and no blog posts. So welcome 2020. A new decade and a new year. Time has flown. The Brown household is chaotic as usual. I’m experimenting with dura-lar film as a printing paper. So far zero prints but wet media […]

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Shop local

With the holidays here, I want take a moment and reflect what it means to shop local. Small business is what makes our economies flourish. However that being said, most of the time where do we all head? To the local big box store or mall. Folks, it’s not what we buy but where we […]

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What is Marbling and why we love it

Once upon a time…Nah- that is not how our story begins… Our story begins when my 4-H co-leader/ partner- in- crime Denice introduced Matthew to oil paint marbling on water during a 4-H art project. Matt fell in love with the process. Me- not so much. Matt kept asking to do more of it. I […]

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why this blog?

This shop, this creative endeavor, has a voice. This blog is that voice. Some blog posts will be a peek behind the scenes while other posts will help you to understand what it takes to run a business while juggling life and a family. Still, other posts will be what inspires us: be it stories, […]

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  Welcome to our new home. Excuse our dust as we build and create our store and  our corner of the web.  If you see something then reach out  to us

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