Musings and Meanderings

or what is happening in our world

What is Marbling and why we love it

Once upon a time…Nah- that is not how our story begins… Our story begins when my 4-H co-leader/ partner- in- crime Denice introduced Matthew to oil paint marbling on water during a 4-H art project. Matt fell in love with the process. Me- not so much. Matt kept asking to do more of it. I […]

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why this blog?

This shop, this creative endeavor, has a voice. This blog is that voice. Some blog posts will be a peek behind the scenes while other posts will help you to understand what it takes to run a business while juggling life and a family. Still, other posts will be what inspires us: be it stories, […]

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  Welcome to our new home. Excuse our dust as we build and create our store and  our corner of the web.  If you see something then reach out  to us

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